Sale & Discount Calculator LIT 1.02


Quick and Simple Sale and Discount Calculator.

Lets face it, Math isn't everyone's strong suit, and even if it is, figuring out the final price of an item when its 35% off with another 15% off isn't something most people can rapidly do in their heads.

Fortunately thanks to this app, you don't need to.

I was inspired to produce this app after being taken to the Coach Outlet Store. What I witnessed there, besides watching the craziness that was the fairer sex showing off their mad shopping skills, were the sales people repeatedly plugging in numbers and multiple calculations again and again to get the actual price of an item when a customer asked.

Thus this app was born.

It shouldn't take tons of of time to get the price of a sale item, and once you have that price, adding a few of them to your shopping cart to keep a running total of your spending and savings for the day should be just as quick and easy.

You shouldn't need to key in the sale percentage, or extra percentage by typing in numbers perpetually on keyboards (real or virtual). So I designed this interface to be as quick and easy to use and with as little keystrokes as possible, getting you to what you want as fast as possible.

Key Features:

No Ads (Pro Version Only)

Simple easy interface to get the actual price of any sale item.

Quickly and easily alter the sales and extra percentage off with nothing more than a swipe of your finger!

Keep a shopping cart of all your purchases with a running total for quick reference to your spending, and savings. (Pro Version Only)

Shopping Cart is retained between usages, don't fret closing the app between stores. (Pro Version Only)

Sales Tax is calculated PER ITEM, so if you live someplace where things are taxed at different rates you will get an accurate total. (Pro Version Only)

Tax Exempt checkbox to quickly set tax to zero for items that are tax exempt without changing the default tax rate you have entered. (Pro Version Only)

Works with TouchScreen and Keyboard, don't be afraid to use your slide out keyboard.

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OS:Android 2.2 and up

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